The Activists’ Guide is a community-based online resource for activists.

Our mission is to facilitate collaboration and intersectionality between local activist groups and individuals. We provide a forum where activists can easily find the information they need. This website features expert advice on activists’ techniques, a directory of activist organizations, a listing of helpful suppliers and services pertinent to the needs of activists, an interactive calendar that functions in real-time and The Activists’ Shop (all proceeds go to The Activists’ Guide).

and funded

The Activists’ Guide was started by a Central Virginia community member and long-time activist, Richard Lord, and has received help from numerous other community members since its inception. To keep Activists’ Guide alive, we depend on community input and donations. Please help us keep our website up-to-date by filling out a contact form to inform us of any new information to include on our site.


People who have given their support, time, and expertise to help turn Activist’s Guide from an idea into a reality, including:
Matthew Christensen, Craig DuBose, Dr. Jan Rivero, Diana Black, Evan Knappenberger, Michael Cheuk, Kibiriti Majuto, Chuck Moran, Rhonda Zangwill, Adam Slate, Rev. Patricia Jones-Turner, Bob Diamond, Jeff Fogel, Mrrzy Votaw, Diana Williams, Pastor Liz Emrey, Clara Steiner, Alice Underwood, Megan Bestvina and to Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice, Dr. G, Charlottesville Clergy Collective, the Civic Engagement Subcommittee at University of Virginia and Charlottesville Area Community Foundation for their financial support.

Stay up-to-date on the activist scene in Charlottesville and Albemarle by signing up for our newsletter, Activists’ Watch.

    Stay up-to-date on the activist scene in Central Virginia by signing up for our newsletter, "Activists’ Watch".