The Activists' Watch

November 5, 2022


I very rarely vote in Federal elections. It is next to never that I vote in legislative elections.
I did start to vote regularly against the Bushes. Before that, the last time I voted was for Gene McCarthy.

Next Tuesday, I definitely will vote Against The Fascists. The Dems could run Porky Pig and I would vote for them.

I'll avoid long arguments. If you read Activists Guide, you are very aware and don't need the repetition.

So, let's turn to Malcom X and chant "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY", even if that includes the ballot box.

Thom Hartman has said it: "DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT"

Here are some ideas...

Help get out the vote
GOTV Weekend is here! Find a GOTV event near you to help candidates and causes
win on Tuesday.

Actions you can take RIGHT NOW

Popular upcoming events nationwide

Organizations active near you

Events happening soon near 22945

Find even more events & actions

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