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July 21, 2023

Turning the embers into a bonfire
Calendar section

Upcoming Activist Events:
July 21 - August 3, 2023

  • July 21 – 9:00 am, RCA, Crozet Buffer Maintenance Day, Crozet Elementary School
  • July 22 – 9:00 am, PUBLIC WORK DAY, email for more information or to sign up
  • July 22 – 2pm – Socialist Summer Super Soiree, DSA,
  • July 24 – 7 pm – Staunton Organizing meeting
  • July 26 – 6 pm – Virginia Organizing, Harrisonburg/ Rockingham County Chapter Meeting. Contact Karen Valdez for more information:
  • July 31 – 6 pm – Staunton Organizing meeting
  • Aug 1 – 6:30 pm, Educational Event/conference, Resilient Virginia, UVA Darden School
  • Aug 2 – 8 am Educational Event/conference, Resilient Virginia, UVA
  • Virginia Organizing will be encouraging nonpartisan restoration of voting rights and civic engagement this summer here in town. Please notify them if you're interested in joining them for canvassing or tabling. This will occur through late October. For more information, please contact Brian Johns Or call VO at 434 984 4655 ext 227.
For complete descriptions of these events, visit
The Activists' Guide Calendar.

Local News

Forty people gathered outside of Sojourners UCC on June 20 to serve as “Witnesses for Justice following the vandalism at Sojourners”. The group was composed of Sojourners congregants, members of the Charlottesville Clergy Collective and other activists.

On Tuesday, June 20, messages of hate were spray-painted on the Sojourners United Church of Christ. A window was broken and banners were removed.

The call to action for the demonstration were disseminated by the Sojourners congregation, Charlottesville Clergy Collective and Activists’ Watch.

What happened?

Mutulu Shakur, Black Liberation Activist, Dies 7 Months After Release from 37 Years in Prison

Longtime political prisoner Mutulu Shakur has died from cancer at the age of 72, just seven months after his release on parole and nearly 37 years in prison. The stepfather of the late hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur was convicted in 1988 of conspiracy in several armed robberies and for aiding the 1979 prison escape of Assata Shakur, who fled to Cuba. In the 1970s, Mutulu Shakur was part of the Black nationalist group Republic of New Afrika that worked with the Black Panther Party and Young Lords to start the first acupuncture detoxification program in the U.S. as drugs flooded their communities.

From Democracy Now, July 13

Today's Quote

"Only a foolish optimist can deny the Dark Realities of the moment.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1933 Inauguration speech

New Book

Standing Up To Hate
Members of the Charlottesville Clergy Collective recount their experience and recall the lessons learned from resisting the white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville during the summer of 2017. Details and orders from


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