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March 18, 2022

Turning the embers into a bonfire
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Upcoming Activist Events:
March 18 - 31

Upcoming Activist Events: March 18-31
March 19 Sierra Club work crew, Ivy
March 19 Sierra Club work crew, Quarry Park
March 19 Ivy Creek Foundation, work crew
March 20 Rivanna Conservation Alliance, workcrew
March 21 Staunton Organizing meeting
March 23 Sierra Club, recycling meeting
March 25 youth led global strike to save the planet
March 28 Staunton Organizing meeting

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What happened?

March 22, 1980
On this day in 1980, 30,000 people marched in Washington, D.C., against mandatory draft registration. During the protest, issues of Resistance News, created by the National Resistance Committee, were distributed to demonstrators and participants.

The NRC was formed in 1980 to oppose registration to the draft, and the organization was active into the early 1990s. The leaflets of Resistance News dispersed to crowds elaborated on the stance of NRC which was that the organization was open to all forms of draft resistance, whether the reasoning for resisting was based on pacifism, religion, ideology, or any other reasons an individual might have for not believing that they should have to enter the draft. Draft registration in the United States was reinstated under President Carter in 1980 as part of “preparation” for the U.S. to potentially intervene in Afghanistan.

Today's Quote

Pete Seeger's words remain.
Same hatred, new situation.

What did you learn in school today
Dear little boy of mine?

I learned that policemen are my friends
I learned that justice never ends
I learned that murderers die for their crimes
Even if we make a mistake sometimes

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From Richard:

We were overwhelmed with the support of the activist community to the announcement that Activists’ Guide was closing, due to our finances. Within hours, 16 emails arrived from readers expressing their upset. Within days, unsolicited donations arrived which have allowed us to resume operations. Each of us can stand very proud with what we have accomplished.

All of the Activists Guide publications, including Activists Watch, are distributed at no charge to the reader. But, our need for financial support will continue. In the next months, we will be adding additional features. In our April 1 issue, we will introduce our Advisory Board which is composed of experts in their fields from around the US. But we will continue to need your support. Give what you can. It all helps.

I keep thinking of the Carpenters, as I hum their unforgettable song “We’ve Only Just Begun”.
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