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May 3, 2024

Turning the embers into a bonfire
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Upcoming Activist Events:
May 3 - 17, 2024

May 3 – 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,

May 6 – 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,

May 7 – 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,

May 8 – 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,

May 9 – 6:00 pm, Virginia Organizing Waynesboro Chapter Meeting , Virginia Organizing, [email protected]

May 9 – 6:30 pm, Charlottesville Police Civilian Oversight Board. livestreamed via Boxcast at this URL:

May 10 – 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,

May 10 – 4:00 pm, Democracy Friday demonstration, Virginians for Democracy, Federal Courthouse, info from [email protected]

May 13 – 7:00 pm, NAACP meeting, contact Lynn Boyd at lboyd3@hotmail to join NAACP and get location

May 13 - 7:00 pm, Staunton Organizing meeting, contact [email protected]

May 13 – 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,

May 14 - 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,

May 15 – 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,

May 16 – 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,

May 16 – 7:00 pm, Charlottesville 350 meeting, To get details, send an email to [email protected]

May 17 – 8:00 am, Free Palestine Vigil, Rugby Ave. and Rugby Rd.,


200 days into this genocide, we continue to see nothing but the widespread destruction and annihilation of the Palestinian people. Mass graves of martyrs are being uncovered while the U.S. and institutions including our very own Virginia Tech CONTINUE TO BE COMPLICIT. NO LONGER. NO MORE.

The VT Coalition for Palestine announces its joining of the People’s (Popular) University for Gaza. We demand that VT DISCLOSE all endowments and investments; DIVEST from corporations and institutions which actively fund Israel’s apartheid and genocidal regime; DEFEND its Palestinian and allied students, against Palestinian racism and censorship; and DECLARE the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people as indefensible and explicitly condemn Israel’s genocidal violence in accordance with VT’s Principles of Community (“We affirm the inherent dignity and value of every person.”)

We stand united with Palestine; with students in Gaza who lost their access to education, protected learning environments, and/or their very lives; and with students across the world working towards the pro-Palestinian cause.

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“REVOLUTION” by The Beatles
Columbia Students Arrested Over Campus Rally May Face Other Consequences
Students who camped in tents to protest the war in Gaza, including the daughter of Representative Ilhan Omar, may be barred from finishing the semester.

Columbia Protests Continue a Day After NYPD Arrests 100+, Dismantles Gaza Solidarity Encampment

Universities Struggle as Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations Grow

Police Arrest Protesters at N.Y.U. as Tensions Rise at U.S. Colleges

Numerous protest actions throughout Virginia

Columbia’s 1968 protests were also marked by arrests
Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters arrested at Yale, NYU

At Brooklyn Seder Protest, Jewish New Yorkers Target Schumer Over Aid

Students rally, call for American University to divest from Israel

Crackdown Continues on College Campuses Against Pro-Palestinian Students

Gaza Solidarity Encampments and Protests Burgeon Across College Campuses Amid Police Crackdown

Students File Complaints Against Universities’ Ties to Fossil Fuel Industry

Campus Protests Over Gaza Intensify Amid Pushback by Universities and Police

Colleges brace for more protests as graduation season approaches

Conflict between university protesters and police spreads beyond Columbia

D.C. students sue over alleged censorship of pro-Palestinian activity

“Blood on Your Hands!”: Protesters Decry Tennessee Vote to Arm Teachers

Richmond continues to pack City Hall chambers!

Organizers, activists, and community members delivered a petition to the Winchester City Council

University of Southern California Confronts an Unfamiliar Era of Protest
Hundreds of students, advocates converge at GW University to support Gaza

Where campus protests have led to arrests across the U.S.

Protesters hope justices deny Trump’s request for immunity
33 Climate Activists Arrested After Shutting Down Citigroup HQ

How the Free Speech Movement was born

Campus arrests spread as students press on with pro-Palestinian protests

Protesters at Virginia Tech encampment demand school divest from Israel

As Protests Grow, Universities Choose Different Ways to End Unrest

U.N. Decries Widening Police Crackdown on Student Protests in U.S.


“This Is the Conscience of a Nation”: Columbia Faculty Back Students as Campus Movement Continues

What Happened?

May 4, 1970
The Kent State shootings (also known as the May 4 massacre and the Kent State massacre were the killing of four and wounding of nine unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard on the Kent State University campus. The shootings took place on May 4, 1970, during a rally opposing the expanding involvement of the Vietnam War into Cambodia by United States military forces as well as protesting the National Guard presence on campus and the draft.

Twenty-eight National Guard soldiers fired about 67 rounds over 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.
The shootings led to protests on college campuses throughout the United States and a student strike, causing more than 450 campuses across the country to close with both violent and non-violent demonstrations. On May 8, eleven people were bayonetted at the University of New Mexico by the New Mexico National Guard in a confrontation with student protesters. Also on May 8, an antiwar protest at New York's Federal Hall National Memorial held at least partly in reaction to the Kent State killings was met with a counter-rally of pro-Nixon construction workers (organized by Peter J. Brennan, later appointed U.S. Labor Secretary by President Nixon), resulting in the Hard Hat Riot. Shortly after the shootings, the Urban Institute conducted a national study that concluded the Kent State shooting prompted the first nationwide student strike in U.S. history; over 4 million students protested, and hundreds of American colleges and universities closed during the student strikes. A student strike occurred at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado and the university's Old Main Building burned down on May 8.The Kent State campus remained closed for six weeks.

Today's Quote

““They can threaten us all they want with the police, but at the end of the day, it’s only going to lead to more mobilization,” Maryam Alwan, a senior and pro-Palestinian organizer on campus, had said before the arrests.”

April 18, 2024 at Columbia University


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