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February 23, 2024

Turning the embers into a bonfire
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Upcoming Activist Events:
February 23 - March 8, 2024

Feb. 23, 5:30 pm, Harrisonburg/ Rockingham County Chapter Meeting , Virginia Organizing

Feb. 23, 4:00 pm, Democracy Rally outside the Federal Building (we cancel if it's below 40). contact [email protected]

Feb. 24, 9:00 am, Public Workday at Ivy Creek, Email [email protected] for more information or to register.

Feb. 24, 11:00 am, Banned Books & Bagels , Charlottesville NOW, Screening of The ABCs of Book Banning, a 2024 Oscar nominated short film, and a panel of local speakers on the impact of book bans on individuals in our community. Northside Library, Rio Road West, Includes bagel spread for refreshments. FREE Register at Eventbrite

Feb. 26, 7:00 pm, Staunton Organizing meeting, contact [email protected]

Feb. 27, 6:00 pm Richmond Area Chapter Meeting, Virginia Organizing, For more information, contact Rachel Hefner. [email protected]

March 2, 8:00 am, MEDIC first aid training, Ivy Creek Fdn, 1780 Earlysville Rd., Hands-on learn disaster & wilderness first aid skills during this 20-hour course. Then all you'll need is a shorter "street medic bridge course" to become a street medic. Info & registration:

March 2, 10:00 am, People’s Moral March, Richmond, Poor People’s Campaign, for info

March 3, 8:00 am, MEDIC first aid training, Ivy Creek Fdn, 1780 Earlysville Rd., Hands-on learn disaster & wilderness first aid skills during this 20-hour course. Then all you'll need is a shorter "street medic bridge course" to become a street medic. Info & registration:

March 3, 4:00 pm, Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice, meeting, Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 886 0837 6279 Passcode: 130026

March 4, 7:00 pm, Staunton Organizing meeting, contact [email protected]

March 5, 1:00 pm, Charlottesville Area Justice Coalition - Awareness Meeting, info [email protected], Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 889 1238 4854

March 8, 4:00 pm, Democracy Rally outside the Federal Building contact [email protected]

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Don’t let them walk alone

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Solidarity protests with Gaza took place around the world again the weekend of Feb. 17, including in London, England, where tens of thousands of people streamed through city streets. In India, workers with the Water Transport Workers Federation have vowed not to load or unload weapons to Israel, saying they “always stand against the war and killing of innocent people.”

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Northwestern Students for Pro-Palestine School Paper Parody
The parent company of the Daily Northwestern backed down after days of backlash and promises to boycott from students, faculty, and alumni.

Columbia Limited Campus Protests, So Students Took to the Streets
As Columbia and Barnard weigh how to protect free speech and student safety, their protest rules have forced some students off campus, where they have clashed with the police.
The steps in front of Low Memorial Library at Columbia University have been the site of major campus protests since the 1960s. But when pro-Palestinian demonstrators tried to organize a rally there last Thursday, the area was barricaded off.
When the students instead joined a rally on the streets outside of campus the next day, they were greeted by rows of police officers. The scene was heated; 15 people were taken into custody.

Hundreds Protest Art Institutions’ Complicity and Silence over Gaza, Forcing MoMA to Close Doors
Here in New York, hundreds of Palestinian rights activists occupied the Museum of Modern Art Saturday, forcing the museum to close to the public. Protesters unfurled massive banners and handed out mock MoMA pamphlets in which they called out museum trustees for their investments in Israeli weaponry and other industries. Another protest was organized outside the Brooklyn Museum. The actions came as an open letter signed by over 100 cultural workers condemned the “disgraceful silence of our institutions as Israel commits genocide in Gaza.”

NYC Students Walk Out to Protest Assault on Gaza
In New York, high school students across the city walked out of class Feb. 16 for their second mass coordinated action against the war on Gaza. Students are continuing to organize despite what they say are attempts by school administrators to intimidate and censor them.

Internships with The Nature Conservancy

Apply by Feb. 25

Our STEP (Short-Term Experience Program) Internship positions are open now through February 25th

ArcGIS Field Maps Intern – Work with Virginia’s wetland and stream restoration team to visit sites, help streamline monitoring, and develop Field Maps forms for data collection.
Carbon Sequestration Analyst Intern – Work with Virginia’s wetland and stream restoration team to help TNC better understand carbon sequestration on our statewide projects.
Clinch Stream Connectivity Assessment Intern – Work in the Cumberland Forest Highlands property to assess and document stream connectivity and condition. Assist with working forest land management.
Coastal Conservation Intern – Assist with land and water based marine habitat restoration activities including, stewardship of beach nesting bird habitats, oyster reef construction, and maintaining an eelgrass seed curing facility.
Conservation Easement Stewardship Intern – Work with the statewide Stewardship team to help monitor conservation easements by conducting outreach to landowners and partners, and developing a database of easement restrictions.
Conservation Forestry Intern – Assist with timber and ecological inventory, help monitor, assess, and maintain program lands, boundaries, roads, and trails. Assist with Stream Connectivity project.

Coming Soon!
Lands and Lives Project Intern– Research the history of lands in Virginia and use a unique perspective to tell stories of how lives and lands intersect.
Land Stewardship Intern – Work to maintain our public preserves by assisting with trail management, vehicle and tool maintenance, and participating in tasks related to prescribed burns.
Preserve Accessibility Intern – Work with the statewide Stewardship team to conduct field assessments and gather data on the accessibility of our public preserves, and incorporate that into our external information sources.
Public History Intern – Uncover and transcribe historical documents related to African Americans on the Eastern Shore, map family connections and record oral histories of descendants. Share your research with internal and external partners and the local community.

Preserve Democracy in Virginia

An umbrella organization for a democracy coalition is being formed to advocate for democracy. Our society has not done a good job of promoting democracy. We have taken democracy for granted. Now, our democracy is under assault. It is time to take action to prevent loss of of our liberties and freedoms. The statement below is a draft of the mission for Preserve Democracy in Virginia. Any edits or revisions are welcome. Suggestions for specific goals requested.
The statement below is a draft of the mission for Preserve Democracy in Virginia.

Preserve Democracy Virginia is a coalition of groups and individuals committed to countering the authoritarian threats to our democratic institutions. We are a non-partisan coalition of diverse organizations focused on advocacy efforts to confront threats to democracy in Virginia. We provide education about threats to democratic norms and how we can confront them.

Our mission is to protect our democracy in the great state of Virginia from declining into an authoritarian form of government. The United States Constitution provides tools to constrain authoritarian behavior. But many of the norms that define our democracy were poorly written and contain loopholes that allow exploitation of the Constitution.

Preserve Democracy VA strives to share information about our democracy, and the threats to it. Defeating authoritarianism is going to take all of us. Everyone has a role to play. We all have different skills, backgrounds, and perspectives that we can share in defending our democracy.

We seek to:

1. Uphold the principle that nobody is above the law.
2. Ensure accountability for those who have attacked or undermined our democracy.
3. Stop abuses that target marginalized groups and their ability to participate in democracy.
4. Create a healthy environment for political discourse based on facts, genuine disagreement, and honest differences of opinion.
5. Counter democracy-related disinformation through radio/tv advertising, social media and other media outlets.

The heart of our democracy is local. The shortest path to preserving our democracy is often through local and state politics. We can protect our democracy just by talking about it locally, consistently and often. Speaking up at a community meeting, writing a letter to the editor or participating in a democracy demonstration reminds everyone that democracy has a powerful and motivated constituency. A chorus of people willing to say the same thing, to speak together with one voice, are louder than the sum of its parts.
We want to encourage and nurture a healthy democracy in our communities. Democracy is the one national interest that is more likely to secure peace, deter aggression, expand open markets, promote economic development, protect American citizens, combat terrorism and crime, uphold human and worker rights, improve the global environment, and protect human health. Our democratic institutions are essential to American prosperity. We strive to Preserve Democracy in Virginia.

Kirk A Bowers, PE
Charlottesville, VA 22911
(434) 296 8673 - Home
(434) 249 1439 - Cell

Director of Communications

Virginia Organizing is a non-partisan statewide grassroots organization dedicated to challenging injustice by empowering people in local communities to address issues that affect the quality of their lives. Founded in 1995, Virginia Organizing has 18 active local chapter areas across the state.
Job responsibilities:
As Virginia Organizing’s Director of Communications, you will be responsible for developing materials and strategy to cultivate relationships with supporters, decision-makers, and media around the state. As with most areas of our organizing work, almost everyone on staff takes part in our communications work. You will have a central role in creating and coordinating all of the organization’s external communications.
Driven by a commitment to Virginia Organizing’s vision for a more just Virginia, you believe that people who are most directly affected by public issues should have a seat at the table. You are passionate about promoting leaders who speak for the organization and make decisions about local campaigns. You want to use your critical thinking and interpersonal skills to build a powerful statewide organization.
Please pass this job description on to anyone you think might be interested!
To apply, please send a letter of interest, a copy of your resume, and three references to Brian Johns, Executive Director, at [email protected]
to insert text.

What Happened?

ON THIS DAY: On February 21, 1965 Malcolm X was murdered.

Today's Quote

We live in an age in which the fundamental principles to which we subscribe - liberty, equality and justice for all - are encountering extraordinary challenges, ... But it is also an age in which we can join hands with others who hold to those principles and face similar challenges.

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Special event:
Virginia Festival of the Book in March of 2024
• Panel Name: Standing Up to Hate: August, 2017
• Date: 03/21/2024
• Start Time: 11:00 AM
• End Time: 12:30 PM


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