Flyers promoting white supremacy show up in Pataskala neighborhood

PATASKALA, Ohio — Some people in a Pataskala neighborhood are outraged after racist flyers promoting white supremacy were found on their driveways.

10TV spoke with Larry Davis, who’s lived on International Drive since 1972. Davis said he found a flyer in a bag..

“It struck me as what do we want this kind of stuff out here for,” said Davis.

Davis said when he noticed what it was, he immediately called the police.

10TV checked in with the Pataskala Police Department. We’re told there’s no criminal investigation because no crime was committed.

Yet, Davis doesn’t accept what he calls hate in his neighborhood.

“I don’t need that kind of stuff in this neighborhood, and I thought as the first thing, as why are we trying to start something,” said Davis.

Several other neighbors we spoke with, including Karen Prost, found a flyer on their driveway. Prost said it’s disappointing that this type of hate still exists in 2022.

“It was upsetting,” she said. “I wish more of it here would reject this kind of thing,” said Prost.

“They can have their feelings but don’t bring it to my driveway,” said Davis. “I don’t need it in this neighborhood, and I don’t think anybody else does.”

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