Gainesville neighborhoods covered in antisemitic flyers, again

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Multiple neighborhoods in Gainesville were papered with hateful flyers in an apparent repeat of an incident earlier this year.

Residents found their property littered with bags of corn kernels attached to flyers containing antisemitic messages. Gainesville Police Department officials say they received multiple complaints about the flyers.

Some of the areas impacted include the 2000 block of Northwest 16th Avenue, University Park, Colony Park, Forest Ridge, and Florida Park.

The flyers describe antisemitic conspiracy theories regarding the media, COVID-19, and immigration.

The flyers are similar to other letters that were distributed in August which were also delivered in bags of corn kernels. Those letters contained antisemitic and white supremacist messages.

Homes in the Rosemont, Sutters Landing, and Mile Run neighborhoods received the flyers in August.

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